Research Directions

TASML will identify key technologies that may catalyze innovation and in turn influence the ways in which we engage with society as guidelines for artistic and technological investigation.

TASML has four primary goals:

1. To function as a highly competitive research center for advanced media laboratory experiments that not only serve as conduits for realizing creative manifestations of Tsinghua’s scientific discoveries and producing innovations for social-use technologies, but also act as catalysts for the Tsinghua technical and scientific community to venture into artistically inspired research frontiers.
2.  To act as an incubator to foster a new generation of Chinese artists who will explore fresh artistic potentials and critical approaches outside of the conventions of an established art vocabulary by providing them with a comprehensive research environment and facilitating their work through a production base.
3.  To provide a research platform that can potentially generate value-added products with practical applications.
4.  To form a knowledge gathering and information dissemination center.

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