MeatMedia: Endless Loop March

Endless Loop

A Neural Media Project


Project Description

The project is based on the cutting-edge research “Brain Computer Interface” (BCI), carried out by the artists Wu Juehui, Shao Ding and the Institute of Neural Engineering (Tsinghua University). Two subjects’ EEG signals will stimulate each other and form a loop mechanism by BCI. Throughout the process, a 3D printer will print EEG signals into a “Neural Sculpture,” the Thinking Tower.

Two participants are seated in a closed environment and respond to external stimuli. The experiment works in a closed loop: the stimulations to one participant are generated on the basis of the brain responses of the other participant to those stimulations. Both participants have equal control over the overall comfort level of this experiment.

Experiment paradigm:

Single mode: internal cycle; self learning; adapting to the system

Dual mode: external cycle; cross learning; mutual match of brain activities

Possible directions:

Neural engineering experiment based on scalp EEG

Brain-computer interface, event-related potentials, and cognitive processes

New concept in neuroscience: simultaneous analysis of dual EEG

The art of gaming and brain games: artistic representation of willingness mapping

Transformation from fuzzy artistic creation to trial-and-error and recordable scientific experiment

Project Team

Artists: Wu Juehui, Shao Ding

Institute of Neural Engineering (Tsinghua University): Hong Bo (PhD supervisor), Dan Zhang (PhD Candidate)

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