TASML to Launch International Artist Residence Program

TASML will launch TASML  International Artist Residence Program (TASML IRP) on March 21, 2012.

In collaboration with Institut Français, Goethe Institut (China) and Pro Helvetia, TASML IRP is a new type of artist residence program that focuses on laboratory inspired artistic practice. The program benefits from the rich research culture of Tsinghua’s science and technology community. It is the first such AR program taking place in mainland China.

The residence program is centered around two thematically structured research initiatives:

1.“Sensorium of the Extraordinary,” reveals and amplifies subdued and muted sensorial experiences through technological intervention and augmentation to bring awareness to otherwise imperceptible human capacities as well as the dynamic exchange between the self and its vibrant, sentient surroundings. The revelation of a new sensorium beyond our biological limits implicitly complicates our understanding of embodiment and the body’s newly acquired significance in mediated social spaces, broaching the visual–auditory dominant perceptual paradigm, freeing us from the hierarchy of sensory systems and opening up new possibilities for the imagination of bio-equality. Experimenting with mediated social milieu through sensing / wearable technologies, augmented reality, and brain-computer interface are the foci of this area of research.

2. “Zone of Impending,” brings into focus concerns about ecosystems and environments upon which all life depends, calling attention to the plight of ecological disruption through creative inspirations via artists’ imaginations and ingenious strategies to engage us actively in environmental protection and in the reconstitution of a healthy ecosphere, thereby advocating for a new consciousness of shared responsibility and citizen participation. Alternative urban living strategies through technological intervention, including architectural, urban-farming, innovative recycling / energy saving as well as artistic propositions on environment related investigation are the foci of this area of research.

The research artist residence program will also collaborate with prominent Beijing art centers to produce a publication and an exhibition documenting and showcasing the research findings at the end of the each cycle of the program.

TAMSL will pair the successful candidate with Tsinghua’s relevant research institutes such as the Pervasive Computing Lab, Institute of Neural Engineering, Academy of Arts and Design, and the Institute of Sustainability to conduct research. State of the art facilities including fabrication studios, metal and wood workshops, motion-capture and other technical equipments are available for testing and prototyping.

The resident artist will also have an opportunity to be immersed in the dynamic and vibrant Beijing art and design scene, participating in TASML-organized workshops and lectures aimed at Tsinghua students and the broader Beijing art and creative community.

Further information about TASML and its programming can be accessed at http://tasml.org

Information about Institut Français, Goethe Institut (China) and Pro Helvetia can be found at the following links:

Institut Français: http://www.institutfrancais-chine.com/

Goethe Institut (China) http://www.goethe.de/ins/cn/pek/zhindex.htm

Pro Helvetia: http://www.prohelvetia.cn/