TASML Joins Large Scale Research Project: Sinergia

As one of the 5 member institutions, TASML participates in Sinergia: Towards an alliance between the Performing Arts and Sciences. TASML will organize a demo session on research findings in Switzerland in the Spring 0f 2013.


Sinergia Project objectives 

The project joins the disciplines of Performing Arts, Media Arts, Architecture, Design, Science and Technology with the aim of creating mutual inspirations that lead to new trajectories for both artistic expression as well as technological experimentation and development. The major focus of the project lies in the transformation of theatrical stage environments under the influences of modern technologies such as robotics, novel acoustic and light technologies, 3(+1)D, interactive design, brain-computer-interface, telematics, body tracking, social networks, etc. New possibilities of stage-conception and devices as well as strategies and ways of making for technical production/realizations will be elaborated and creatively implemented.

Research focus

The project work focuses mainly on three dimensions of research that will be investigated with regard to the concept and the realities of stage performance:

a) Transformation of time and space perception and experience within stage-settings;

b) Intermediality as a dimension for expression and experimentation on stage;

c) Man-machine relations as a field for the exploration of human self-understanding and exposition in living environments impacted by artifacts, mechanization and virtualization.

Stage, here, is understood as a laboratory for the experimentation on experience and concepts of meaning and expression. It is a space for exploration and a site for observing the present that allows to create and reflect future possibilities of world-making.

Research organization

The research is organized within a new, artistic-driven laboratory including a black-box situated at a theater school (La Manufacture) and in cooperation with doctoral schools of the EPFL. PhDs from different fields will be working in close collaboration with various EPFL Labs and partner institutions (ZHdK, LMU, Tsinghua University) as well as external researchers and artistis in the performing arts. Research here means not only scientific research but is based on a broader concept, including artistic research: exploration with the goal to produce knowledge, either theoretical, practical or aesthetic one. The principal investigator of this project is Prof. Jeffrey Huang from the Media x Design Lab. The project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.