TASML Workshops on Environmental and Ecological Art

Post-workshop snapshots (Weather Tunnel and re:farm Beijing, click each image to enlarge)

TAMSL  is pleased to offer two workshops which aim to generate compelling environmental artworks for the forthcoming international media art exhibition Translife: Media Art China 2011 organized by the National Art Museum of China. The workshops are open to everyone in the Tsinghua community and to invited art and design programs in the greater Beijing area and beyond the capital.

1. Weather Tunnel – Sensing the World around You

The project “Weather Tunnel” is envisioned as a translocal, participatory, and interventionist component of TransLife: Media Art China 2011. It will also be an integral part of the ISEA | International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2011 program to take place in Istanbul in September 2011. Seehttp://tasml.parsons.edu for more details.

“Weather Tunnel” is conceived as temporal and ephemeral project based on a wireless, or mobile network originating from nodes that draw environmental data collected via sensors. The nodes will be deployed in geographically and geopolitically diverse locals around the world. The goal is to develop idiosyncratic approaches that manifest artists’ alternative strategies and evocative or provocative gestures both conceptually and formally in grappling with environmental and ecological crisis.

Participants will be introduced to emerging artistic propositions and strategies and learn how to use DIY kits to build environmental sensors as well as make artistic manifestations that interpret the data collected via the sensor systems. The workshop aims to establish interest groups for further explorations that will result in a competitive work to be considered for the “Weather Tunnel” together with other creative manifestations developed by a selection of leading international art and design programs from around the world.

The workshop will run from January 4 through January 7 with an introductory lecture and hand-on lab time. The workshop will be introduced by Prof. ZHANG Ga of Parsons The New School for Design, and Director of TASML and conducted by Prof, Benjamin Bacon of Parsons The New School for Design.

2. Re:farm Beijing

Following the same rationale of evoking ecological awareness and seeking ingenious solutions to the growing urban demands for healthy and regenerative food resources, this workshop borrows from the rich experiences of the international artistic collective “re:farm the city” to bring to Beijing a new vision of urban farming. Taught by the founder of “re:farm the city”, the Barcelona based artist Hernani Dias, the workshop will introduce open-source inspired strategies and toolsets to turn the participants into savvy urban farmers enchanted with a mix of good meals (sow your own seeds and reap your own crops, cook food with friends….), hardware (setup the urban farm, build the composter, the electronics, the sensors, recycled materials, …) and software (design a farm according to your personal needs, your local vegetables, local gastronomy, …). For more details please visithttp://www.refarmthecity.org/

The workshop is an introduction to a semester long research and production process through remote classroom interaction in the spring of 2011 jointly sponsored by TASML and Parsons The New School for Design. The workshop aims to inspire enthusiasm for ecologically friendly farming and establish a working team for the spring of 2011 to engage in an in-depth research process exploring unique geo-climate-agricultural conditions and develop sustainable solutions for an alternative urban agricultural model. The result may be presented as a participatory performance work to be included in the Translife exhibition in July 2011 at the National Art Museum of China.

The workshop will begin on January 7, 2011 and run through January 11, 2011. The workshop will be introduced by Prof. ZHANG Ga.