WU Juehui awarded TASML | Carroll Fletcher Residency @Eyebeam

TASML is pleased to announce that WU Juehui has been awarded the TASML | Carroll Fletcher Artist Residence Award.

An international jury has selected  WU Juehui, among a competitive pool of  candidates, for his proposal “Beak Proejct” as the resident artist to begin a 4 -6  week-long exploratory research program at Eyebeam | Center for Art and Technology in New York City  between  Winter of  2013 and Spring of 2014.

The jury was comprised of the following:

Jonathon Carroll,  Carroll / Fletcher Gallery,  Founder and Director, Sponsor of the “TASML | Carroll Fletcher Residency Award”  (http://www.carrollfletcher.com)

Michael Joaquin Grey,Media Artist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Joaquin_Grey)

Marnix de Nijs, Media Artist (http://www.marnixdenijs.nl)

Marko Tandefelt, Director, Technology and Research, Eyebeam

ZHANG Ga,Director, TASML


Project Overview

Beak Project

WU Juehui

The “Beak Project” aims to transform our perceptual system.  By reconfiguring ways of expression, the project redefines our communication mode. 当我们不再以习惯的方式进行日常沟通时,传递信号的失真或异常势必会扭曲我们的表达。比如,声调与身份的脱节会混淆我们对其身份的辨识,并由此带来陌生感和幽默感。When we communicate beside the accepted norm, extraordinary changes and distortion of signals will distort the information that these signals are made to carry. For example, mismatch between the tonality and the identity of a certain person will confuse us in identifying him or her, thus brings about a feeling of strangeness and a sense of humor.

For human-beings , the voice system has always been an important means of expression. Once the system is reset, even a simple daily expression may become bizarre and confusing. Based on this effect, “Beak Project” starts to imagine about various possibilities and set them in action. The Beaks process the voice in real-time, transforms its tone, such as to turn the voice of a middle-aged man into that of a girl, or the voice of a youngster into that of an aged woman. The mismatch between identities, which is caused by the changes in voice, may transgress the way of life we are habituated to.

 Artist Bio 

WU Juehui was born in 1980 in Hangzhou. In recent years, he works on the “potential interface” between art and science, between body and media in collaboration with laboratories and institutes such as Laboratory of Neural Engineering of Tsinghua University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Institute of Graphics and Image of Hangzhou Dianzi University. In 2009, Wu Juehui started the long-term art project “Brain Station” which was based on BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology. WU has participated in many national and international media art exhibitions and festivals, among them  “ZERO1 Biennial”,” Translife – International Triennial of New Media Art”,“Synthetic Times – Media Art China 2008″, “Creators Project 2012”, “SHIFT- Electronic Arts Festival”.

In 2010, WU Juehui and SHAO Ding founded the art group “MeatMedia”, focusing on the “Emotional Interface” in an attempt to find a balance between the“Dry media”and the“Wet media”. WU Juehui is also a co-founder of “UFO media lab” – the leading new media artist collective in China that focuses on the social application of new media art and design.