Singergia Projects Presentation in Lausanne, Switzerland

In June, 4 projects conducted at TASML, a partner of   Sinergia research network were presented at SINLAB‘s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. A group of researchers / artists  from China demonstrated their findings which were the results of a one year long research. The presentations received positive feedback and ensured the next stage of development.

“Ear Theater” by Fang Ke, Wen Xin, Gao Mushi, Liu Haocheng and supervised by Shi Danqing is a virtual platform for acoustic experience. Sound is the only mechanism that triggers the unfolding of narrative and interaction between the actors and the audience participation。

“The Origin” by Guo Cheng is an interactive light installation employing “tangible” light beams which can track performer’s movement that aims to reveal his / her unique physical characteristics. The installation is trying to create an experience in which participant is inescapably positioned as the center of the system, undergoing a role transformation between the surveilled and the manipulator.

“Performance Generator” by Wang Yuyang is an algorithmic dance generator, it utilizes tracking system to capture dance movements by people of all walks of life as database source and then computationally recombine discrete movements to create surprisingly unique and uncanny new dance works. the project is an entirely automatic smart system which has its own life and inclinations.

“Brain Station #3″ by Wu Juehui takess the early success of this brain computer interface research to a new level by incorporating multiple input and output scenarios to achieve more expressive potentials. Sinergia Chief Scientist Jeffrey Huang of EPFL,  core research partner institutions represented by Anne-Catherine Sutermeister of La Manufacture, Anton Rey of Zurich University of Arts and Zhang Ga of Tsinghua University along with Sinergia PhD researchers attended the presentation.