LU Yang awarded TASML | DSL Residence @ SymbioticA

TASML is pleased to announce that LU Yang has been awarded the fourth TASML/DSL Artist Residence Award.

An international jury has selected  LU Yang, among other candidates, for her proposal “ Bio-Mechanical Installation” as the resident artist to begin a 4 week-long exploratory research program at SymbioticA in The University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia in the summer of 2013

The jury was comprised of the following:

Oron Catts, director, SymbioticA

Jens Hauser, curator of bio art

ZHANG Ga, director, TASML

Project Title: Bio-Mechanical Installation

This installation applies a reverse bionic principle, turning the bionic subject into its originally imitated object, and combining it together with some hard and cold mechanism. Normally the brain sends signal through nervous system to make the body do certain movement as it was commanded. Here the order of the brain is abandoned, the body parts are independent, all that’s needed is just a mechanical pull or push on the tendon of muscle. Combining natural flesh and machine to produce this bio-machine, the robot arm is replaced with a physical arm, mechanism replacing the power resource of a living life, the immobile body parts can therefore still move and operate vividly, going through all the same old trails as if they were still alive but hard and cold and dull. This attempt to replace the robot arms of a entertaining machine with real arms will bring in a sort of completely new experience of entertainment! The player could manipulate an identical human hand with his own hands while playing…..

This award concludes the cycle of TASML | DSL Chinese Artist Residence Award, the next edition of TASML residence award is titled TASML| Carroll Fletcher Chinese Artist Residence Award